Dreamin' Drops
Full spectrum cannabis tincture
for a perfectly delicious dose
Simple ingredients.  Extraordinary effects.
full spectrum oil
supremely social
100% natural
gluten free
no added sugar

Our belief

Experiencing cannabis shouldn't come at the expense of your health. Whether you are looking for stress relief or simply want to have fun, we offer health conscious products that are minimally processed and benefit from the full range of plant properties. In other words, we leave good stuff in and keep bad stuff out.

What you can expect

We start with pure, natural ingredients to impart exceptional flavors and powerful effects. Minimally processed drinks and tinctures offer a full body sensation that you feel in as little as ten minutes, and can last for two to three hours.

Quality is our promise

Our fruit-based products are the cleanest you will find anywhere (we know, we've tested them). Turns out there are a whole lot of pesticides even in most organic fruit juice! Our remarkable taste is thanks to our partner farms who go the extra mile to grow our fruit and cannabis without pesticides.


Sparkling Juices

Fizzy fruit juices for the ultimate social buzz, ridiculously tasty and great for sharing
10mg THC per bottle

Sparkling Waters

Sparkling water with a tiny splash of fruit juice for a balanced high without the calories
5mg THC : 5mg CBD per bottle

Dreamin' Drops

Full spectrum cannabis drops blended with natural flavors for a deliciously effective sensation
Simple Ingredients. Extraordinary effects.
California Dreamin'